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3/4" C-Clip and high Temp Seal  
Aurora-1-Line   1 Inch Flexible Twin Solar Pipe, 2 x 50ft Roll
TZ-58-1800-20R   20 Tubes - solar water heating collector
Aurora-34-Line   3/4 Inch Insulated Flexible Twin Solar Pipe w/Data Cable, 2x 50ft Roll
Solar-Pipe-Too-Din20   3/4" Tool for making flat seal on the 3/4" Flexible Solar Pipe
TZ-58-1800-30R   30 Tube Solar Collector
CSH-12   Comercial Solar Water Heating Package - 12 Collectors
CSH-16   Comercial Solar Water Heating Package - 16 Collectors
CSH-8   Comercial Solar Water Heating Package - 8 Collectors
Aurora-34-FPT   Flex Pipe to 3/4" FPT Fitting
Aurora-34-MPT   Flex Pipe to 3/4" MPT Fitting
TZ58 1800 30C   Integrated Solar Tank - 300 litres Inc Heat Exchanger and Heat Pipes
PT1000-Temp-Sensors   PT1000 HI Temperatures Sensors- black
SWH-ret   Residential solar hot water system - No Tank
SWH-1   Residential solar hot water system - with solar storage tank
119SDCE   Residential Solar Water Tank - 119 gallon internal heat exchanger
50SCE   Residential Solar Water Tank - 50 gallon internal heat exchanger
80SDCE   Residential Solar Water Tank - 80 gallon dual internal heat excahnger
Deltasol-BS-Plus-full-kit   Resol DeltaSol BS plus - Full Kit
Resol-DL2   RESol DL2 Data Logger
RESol-FlowSol   RESol FlowSol B Pump Station
SP155ss   Solar Pool Heat Exchanger SP155ss
SP155ti   Solar Pool Heat Exchanger SP155ti
SP300ss   Solar Pool Heat Exchanger SP300ss
SP300ti   Solar Pool Heat Exchanger SP300ti
SPH-1   Solar Pool Water Heater SPH-1
SPH-2   Solar Pool Water Heater SPH-2
SPH-3   Solar Pool Water Heater SPH-3
SPH-4   Solar Pool Water Heater SPH-4
SPH-5   Solar Pool Water Heater SPH-5
ZSP-24   Zilmet Solar Expansion Tank ZSP-24
ZSP-35   Zilmet Solar Expansion Tank ZSP-35
ZSP-50   Zilmet Solar Expansion Tank ZSP-50
ZSP-80   Zilmet Solar Expansion Tank ZSP-80

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