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Shipping the Solar Collectors
Last Updated: 06/11/2013
Shipping Procedure for the Solar Collectors

1. Method 1 - We arrange and pay for all the shipping
  • Advantages:
    • Least amount of work for the customer. 
  • Disadvantages:
    • No free tubes but we will offer you heavily discounted price on a box of tubes.
    • We have to charge HST on the goods and shipping.

3. Method 2 - You come and collect the items in Person.

You can pick up all the items from our main warehouse.  The main warehouse is now in Vancouver (Post Code V5X 4P3). 
A limited stock of evacuated tube solar collectors is avaiable to be picked up a distributor in Edmonton.  Contact us for details.

    •    Advantages:
  • Best Price Available.  No shipping Charges.
    •    Disadvantages:
  • Driving time

Please contact us for a shipping quote.

If you want to have these shipped please email us at

These items will be shipped on a pallet.  Remember each collector weights approximately 100 ks or 220 lbs.  When you order a few collectors the pallet will be large, 5 x 30 tube collectors will be well over 1000 lbs in weight.
While we take great care to pack everything onto the pallet securely, very occasionally the shipment can get damaged by the shipper in transit.  In order for us to make a claim for the damage, and hence replace the item for you, if damage does occure you must make a not on the shippers delivery ticket that the item was received by you damaged.  If you do not report the damage on the delivery ticket the shipper will not be liable for the damage and as such we cannot replace it for you at our cost.

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