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30 Tube Solar Collector
evacuated tubes solar collector
2 x 30 tube collectors installed on a customers roof.

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1762 Watts per panel
List Price: CAN$1,750.00 Exc GST/HST
Our Price: CAN$1,453.00 Exc GST/HST

Notes: Tested and Conforms to CSA Standard F378.8
Notes: Angled mounting Frame Included in Price

Product Code: TZ-58-1800-30R

Sorel Solar Controllers

The MTDC ships with 2 Temperature Sensors. If you require a third Temperature sensor then please add this to the cart separately.

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Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors.

These solar collectors have 30 high power evacuated tubes. The 30 tube collector comes included in the price with frame to mount the collector on the roof. If you need the collector to mount flush with your roof, the frame can be modified/cut to do this.

This will provide hot water for a normal house with between 1 and 3 people in it, depending on the amount of water you use in your household. Recommended tank size approx 60 to 80 Gallons PER 30 tube collector.
For more info on how solar works visit the Solar School.

Included in the Price
  • 25 degree or 45 degree Mounting Frame
  • Brass Fittings

These collectors are ideal for a number of purposes.
  • Can be linked in series to make bigger systems for people with larger houses or for commercial applications, or for people that wish to make a larger percentage of their annual hot water with solar.
  • Space Heating - when used in larger systems, multiple collectors can be used to assist in heating both residential and commercial buildings.
Although this 30 tube collector is priced less than a lot of its competitors, it produces a lot more heat than many of its competitors who charge double or triple the price. See here for details.

Latitude51 Solar collectors produce more BTUs for the price than any we know of. .... I know, you read this claim everywhere. Everyone has the biggest best etc.
Who do you believe? You could find out for yourself, read this article. It explains how you can tell for yourself how to compare solar collectors. By using the Government of Canada's own software our collectors proved more powerful than some of the "big brand" collectors who charge nearly $4000 per collector!

Summary of Latitude51 Solar Collectors.
  • Peak Power Output 1762 Watts.
  • Large powerful Collector.
  • Durable Construction.
  • Advanced coating on tubes to increase heat capture and increase life span.
  • Warranty 10yr warranty on tubes for manufacturing defects. See extended info section for more details.
  • Affordable replacement tubes.
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