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Welcome to Latitude51 Solar. We offer the best value solar water heating systems in Canada. For more information visit the main company website for Photos, Videos and other information

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1Kw Solar Kit - Includes 4 x 250 Watt Panels INCLUDING Enphase Inverters Solar Pool Water Heater SPH-1
Our Price: CAN$2,900.00 Exc GST/HST
Our Price: CAN$3,559.00 Exc GST/HST
Solar PV and Enphase Kit solar pool water heating using 1 vacuum tubes collector
3/4 Inch Insulated Flexible Twin Solar Pipe w/Data Cable, 2x 50ft Roll 20 Tubes - solar water heating collector
List Price: CAN$800.00 Exc GST/HST
Our Price: CAN$589.00 Exc GST/HST
Our Price: CAN$1,075.00 Exc GST/HST
50ft Coil of Flexible Steel Solar Pipe Solar Collector
Latitude51 Solar has the best value solar water heating and PV systems in Canada and the USA. We supply wholesale solar evacuated tubes and Solar PV panels for Commercial Solar Heating and residential solar space heating, solar water heating, and solar pool heaters.

Solar water heating systems can be used to harness the solar energy using solar vacuum tubes and turn it into free hot water for your home or business. We specialize in solar space heating and solar water heating systems. We also provide the best value in solar PV Panels in Canada, including complete ON Grid and Off Grid Solar Panel Systems. We use only the best value, high quality, high power evacuated tube solar collectors and DIY solar vacuum tube kits as it is these type of solar collectors that are perfectly suited to the Canadian Climate and will produce very hot water even during the depths of winter.

Modern vacuum tube solar collectors capture about 94% of the suns rays. The systems are perfectly suited for solar heating projects, commercial solar applications as well as to residential solar homes. This technology is well established all over the globe with millions of systems installed.

If you live in an ON or OFF grid area then our solar PV systems can provide you with all the power you need for a small cabin right up to a large house..

We also stock Solar PV panels for DIY and installers. We look for high quality solar panels (PV for solar electricity) at great prices ship them all over Canada and USA for our solar PV panel customers.