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Comercial Solar Water Heating Package - 16 Collectors
Commercial solar water heater CSH-16

Our Price: CAN$30,000.00 Exc GST/HST

Product Code: CSH-16

CSH-12 Complete Commercial Solar Heating Package

Comes complete with:

- 16 x TZ58 1800 30R SunRain Vacuum tube Collectors and frames
- PAW Solex DWHX Commercial pump station with dual pumps and internal double walled Heat Exchanger
- 250 ft of 1" Stainless Steel Flex Piping
- 4 x 119 StorStor SE hot water storage tanks (476 gallons capacity)
- High Temperature Fittings
- SpiroTech Auto Air Vent
- ProSol Solar Gylcol

Produces up to 64 MW annually of thermal heat energy!

Ideal for any commercial facility that uses large amounts of water such as hotel, condos, apartments, car washes, restaurants. Also ideal for agriculture and dairy industry where high temperature water is used for sanitization. Industrial process heating such as food and beverage industry.